Bom Jesus - Brazil Specialty coffee

Fazenda Bom Jesus
Bom Jesus - Brazil Specialty coffee

Fazenda Bom Jesus - Delicious &

Sustainable Rainforest Coffee 

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ethical & sustainably produced coffee 

Owners: Flavia & Gabriel Alves 

Region/State alta Mogiana- Sao Paulo

Varietal : Red Mundo Novo    
Process Natural    
Elevation - 1,250m
Certifications UTZ -  RFA- AMSC (Genuine rainforest coffee)


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Cup Profile

full bodied coffee abundant  sweetness with syrupy caramel notes honey smoothness long  finish of honey and blood orange balanced acidity and balanced flavour  Ideal for  a stand alone single origin espresso premium blend 

works well for many coffee styles  - great in milk - espresso - black - filter - pourover and cold brew 


Flavia and her husband Gabriel’s families have produced coffee for almost 150 years. Coffee is in their blood. In an area of aproximately 8,000 hectares they plant mainly Bourbon and Mundo Novo varieties. Bom Jesus farm is UTZ and Rain Forest Alliance certified showing the respect they have with their  land and the people who work there. The highlight of all environmental and social projects is GIMA - a festival to raise funds and awareness towards children’s welfare.

Fazenda Bom Jesus is in the Alta Mogiana region, located in the north-eastern region of the state of São Paulo, with a tradition and experience in production of natural and pulped-naturals coffees. Strategically located between the south of Minas Gerais and the region of the Cerrado Mineiro, the Alta Mogiana region has altitude and favourable climate for agriculture. The beans in this region have unique features and are known for quality, striking aroma, velvety creamy body, medium acidity and long aftertaste, with a sweetness of caramel with notes of bitter chocolate. In 2013, the Alta Mogiana was recognized by the INPI (National Industrial Property Institute) as one of the most traditional Brazilian regions in coffee production and received the organization's record of indication of origin, which certifies the origin and quality of coffees produced in the region.

Fazenda Bom Jesus - Specialty Coffee

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