Sitio Pinheirinho - Brazil Specialty Coffee - APAS Coffee

Sitio Pinheirinho - APAS Coffee
Sitio Pinheirinho - Brazil Specialty Coffee - APAS Coffee

Sitio Pinheirinho  - Micro Lot Brazil Specialty Coffee 

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Genuine Hi end coffee - very very limited stock

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Varietal - Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural 1,330m

Certification UTZ: Fairtrade Ethical & Sustainable Coffee



Region: Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais

Cup Profile:

Creamy and balanced with dark caramel and honey
upfront. Notes of toffee, rapadura and dried fruits a full sweet mouthfeel leaves a pleasant brown sugar finalization on the palate - an absolutely delicious standout coffee

farmer profile: 

Jose Paolo Borges & Dulcineia Fatima De Souza – SÍTIO PINHEIRINHO

Being born blind was never a reason to fear the future or her own destiny Dulcineia or “Dulce” is a strong and inspirational woman. She is married to Jose Paulo Borges, who worked at his father’s coffee farm since he was young man. Dulce encouraged Jose to purchase his own land so he could have his own income and they could build a life together even while still facing the same sort of difficulties that commonly challenge young couples.

Dulce says that working with coffee is very gratifying for her, not only because of the remuneration but also because of the people who value her hard work. “There are moments when her husband Jose Paulo finds himself a bit down, but then he thinks of me and all that I’ve been through, and how I am such an independent women, able to roast, grind and pack our own coffee. He gets re-motivated and that’s how they keep working with devotion and dedication to continue producing this sought after and outstanding coffee