Myanmar Ywangan Specialty Coffee - Sithar Coffee Co

Myanmar Ywangan Specialty Coffee - Sithar Coffee Co

Myanmar Ywangan - Specialty Coffee

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Region Ywangan  (Shan State)

Producer -  Grown by small Holders in Ywangan processed by Sithar Coffee Co

Process - fully Washed

Varietal - Caturra

Altitude - 1500 Masl 

Batch MZD/FW


Cup Profile

our first impressions are of a very good quality bold cup with heavy body full of dark chocolate some dark /dry fruit notes some toasted walnut notes distinct sweetness throughout  the cup a long satisfying aftertaste - delicious as a standalone espresso or as part of a high quality blend  - would work well as a single origin filter filter coffee given the sweetness and the full body - well worth a look 

this coffee story

In Myanmar, formerly Burma, smallholder farmers in Ywangan began growing coffee in the early 1980s, as a substitute crop for poppies.

Farmers here typically own a quarter to half an acre, on which they intercrop a few varieties of Arabica coffee with crops such as avocado, jackfruit, jengkol beans, papaya and shady macadamia trees.

This coffee comes from the Mandalay Coffee Group (MCG), which was formed in 2014 and has 741 farmer members from 28 villages in Ywangan. MCG is located in Pyin Oo Lwin, a town at 1,067 masl, outside of Mandalay. Pyin Oo Lwin, Ywangan and Mogok are the primary areas for Arabica production in Myanmar