Bruer Cold Brew System

How to use the Bruer
Bruer Cold Brew System

Bruer Cold Brew System  

is designed to make an incredibly smooth coffee that other brewing methods cannot achieve.

Bruer Cold brewed coffee has much less acidity and bitterness which makes it perfect for iced coffee drinks.  The Bruer Cold Brew System slow drip unmasks the natural sweetness, and full-bodied origin flavors of the coffee you brew. this Slow drip method eliminates over extraction a common issue with full immersion cold brewing. 

- the Bruer Cold Brew System makes up to 20 fl oz of cold brew in as little as four hours 
-  Set it up and forget about it - without the risk of over extraction. You can start the brewing process before bed or at work.
-  With an adjustable valve you can experiment to make the perfect coffee for you.
- Cold Brew will last up to two weeks in the fridge
- Includes 100 paper filters.

Easy to clean