Porlex Hand Grinder - Porlex Hand Grinder Tall

Porlex Hand Grinder - Porlex Hand Grinder Tall

Porlex Tall Coffee Grinder


Travel Grinding – Enables you to take freshly ground coffee anywhere in the world.

Ceramic Burrs – Designed to remain sharp for years and never rust

Light Compact  & Durable – Built with durable stainless steel, small enough to fit inside an Aeropress, and light enough for any journey

this classic hand grinder has ceramic burrs and a stainless steel housing, which not only makes it easy to clean, but more resilient than glass burrs & produces less static than plastic burrs -  conical ceramic burrs don’t rust are easy to clean and stay sharper for much longer than steel burrs.  The Larger capacity of the Tall model grinder makes it ideal for grinding 2 double shots at a time as it holds close to 40g of beans in the top chamber 

Grind Adjustments:

Turkish (1-2)

Espresso (4-5)

Aeropress (6-9)

Pourover/Filter (10-11)

French Press

Porlex Coffee Grinder Tall