Cascara Coffee Tea EL Salvador Santa Emilia Estate - Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara Coffee Tea EL Salvador Santa Emilia Estate - Coffee Cherry Tea


Region -  Tecapa-Chinameca

Producer - Hans Homberger

Varietal - Bourbon 

Process - Natural

Altitude - 900-1800 masl


Cup Profile 

expect delicious cranberry & Goji Berry acidity some apple & floral tones  some citrus & sugarcane lovely syrupy mouth feel - delicious as it cools

enjoy hot or cold - over ice -  

recommended brew ratio

Recommend Brew Ratio for Cascara

9 -12g of cascara to 200-250mL of water (93c) for 5-6 mins 

depending on your brew ratio - you have flexibilty for a heavier or lighter cup and topping up the cascara with fresh hot water  several times at one sitting  making it more economical

Some Health Benefits  

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Cascara, which means “husk” in Spanish, is the dried skins
of coffee cherries. They are collected after the coffee bean has been removed from 
the cherry, dried out then dispatched for enjoying. Cascara is full of antioxidants 
and has been known for its digestive benefits. This cascara is grown by the fourth
generation of the Homberger family. Ever environmentally conscientious, the
Homberger family has found a way to use less water than is traditionally required
for this process, producing a soft, sweet, and complex flavour. They are proudly
Rainforest Alliance Certification. Utilising sustainable farming solutions, such as 
using “Noble Herbs” to amend the soil so that it is less hospitable to weeds, they 
can provide non-toxic working conditions, making the workers, and the coffee and
cascara drinkers, much happier campers.