Gene Cafe CBR 101 Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster - Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster - Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster
Gene Cafe CBR 101 Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe   CBR-101 Coffee Roaster 

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available in black or red

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the Gene Café CBR-101 is designed as a household or hobby roaster however it is also used by some small Cafés and Restaurants - It incorporates state-of-the-art design, the highest quality materials and expert workmanship. Genesis Technology simplifies and automates the coffee roasting process


Sets the target roasting temperature by rotating the knob. Pressing the knob activates roasting. At the end of the roasting cycle the Gene Cafe will automatically go into cooling mode. However, you can terminate roasting and enter the cooling cycle by pressing this button again. Also, during the roasting cycle you can rotate this knob to increase or decrease the target temperature.

Press once to turn the machine on. It will go through about a 10 second startup procedure. Adjust the roasting time as you see fit - 15 minutes is the default time which is generally quite adequate for Full City roasts of many coffees when paired with the default target temperature of 482 degrees. During roasting the dial can be rotated to increase or decrease the roasting time.

Temperature Digital Display alternates between target and actual temperatures in whole degrees.

Time display alternates between total time and countdown remaining time, in tenth

  • Vortex twisting mixing
  • Fully automatic roasting & cooling
  • Both time and temperature can be controlled
  • Heats with indirect air from 1 to 23 minutes
  • Heat range 374-482 F degrees/190-250 C degrees
  • Cools with ambient temperature forced air approx. 10 minutes
  • User can activate cooling cycle at any time
  • Capacity: 300g per roast (10.6 ounces)
  • Roast cycle: about 15 minutes for Full City roast plus cooling
  • Temperature controlled by electronic thermostat
  • Roast progress can be seen through glass roasting chamber
  • Heat element: 1200 - 1400 Watts
  • Quiet operation. Noise level: 65dB
  • Overheat protection

Roasting Tips and hints

Roasting coffee is simply the application of heat to raw coffee beans. The beans have a grassy flavour until heated to the desired colour at a temperature just above 200 degrees Celsius. The heat dries the coffee beans and drives off about 15-20% of the water content, making the beans swell up just like popcorn. During the process, the coffee flavour is developed and hundreds of chemical reactions take place. Coffee is best 4 to 24 hours after roasting and peak espresso flavour is reached 1-3 days after roasting.

Flavour and Roasting times

The raw bean loses moisture in the initial stages and then becomes yellow, changing to light brown, until the final brown is achieved. Roasting too a very dark colour will diminish the quality of the bean creating a burnt and bitter taste. Keeping in mind that each bean is different and will give a different final result depending on roasting time. For example this Costa Rica Tarrazu has an apple, almond characteristic when roasted to a light to medium. As the coffee becomes darker and over roasted the apple and almond characteristic diminishes and the final result is a burnt flavour that dominates the taste.  


Roasting Temperatures 

The general theory of coffee roasting is that it is better to roast at a lower heat to avoid heat shock and scorching. This means beginning the roast about the 150 degrees Celsius and raising it through the roast until the beans have reached the desired form and colour with a low heat finish. Time and temperature are the key factors to a good roast.

Cooling the beans

Cooling time should always be as quick as possible and under 30 degrees to stop the roasting process as fast as possible.


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