SUMATRA KUDA MAS - Indonesia Kuda Mas

SUMATRA KUDA MAS - Indonesia Kuda Mas

Sumatra Kuda Mas  - the King of Mandhelings - (genuine Kuda Mas) 

*******Fresh  stock *******

Region- Lintong, Lake Toba
Arabica Varietals: Typica, Catimor 

Processing: Wet hulled

Altitude1250 - 1450 MAS Screen Size / Grade - SCR 17/18, GR 1 

Acidity - Medium

Body - Bold intensity 

add some boldness & intensity to your blends 

Cup Profile

Intense, earthy, smooth , bittersweet dark chocolate, dark caramel , definite spiced fruit  some some forest berries very complex and full bodied. A  versatile coffee - excellent as a stand alone espresso - adds fullness & character to a blend - sweet & full bodied even at medium roast profiles