India Monsoon Malabar - AA

India Monsoon Malabar - AA

Indian Monsoon Malabar  - Estate Coffee

This coffee is like no other other coffee - a unique processing technique  delivering a very unique coffee. 

Cupping Notes

a sweet thick & syrupy cup loaded with crema mellow & sweet with subtle flavors of choc malt & toffee & spice smooth buttery body clean & very low acidity - leaves a deep rounded aftertaste on the palate  

100% Arabica

About The Region

Monsooned coffee is unique to India. The process selects the best crop of Arabica ’A’ grade coffee beans which are then evenly spread in well-ventilated godowns (warehouses) at the coastal units in Mangalore bordering the Arabian Sea.

The  monsooning process occurs from the months of June to September, when the South West monsoon is very intense on the western Coast. The coffees are spread on the floor and raked regularly to mix the top and bottom layers to ensure moisture is absorbed evenly. During this process, the coffee beans swell in size to about one and a half times the normal size with the color changing to pale white and golden or light brown.These coffees are then polished in a huller, to achieve its distinct shiny appearance. The Malabar coffee beans are dried and stored for 3-4 months in the salty monsoon winds sourced from the best plantations in India.