Ultimate Roasters Pack - High Grown Specialty Coffee Kit

Ultimate Roasters Pack - High Grown Specialty Coffee Kit

4 Delicious Coffees to Roast or Blend and Enjoy!

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San Antonio Hue Hue  

Guatemala Specialty coffee
Region Huehuetenango
Process Washed
Alt 1350 masl
Varietal Typica Bourbon Caturra

Cup Profile
brilliantly sweet syrupy body - delicious stone fruit sweetness & acidity chocolate berry notes coat the mouth long sweet after taste delicious in milk or black or use as part of a high quality blend 

Colombia Specialty Coffee - Huila Algeciras

Varietal - Caturra - Castillo

Producer - Collection of small farms (co-op) Algeciras Huila

Region Huila  Altitude 1600-2000

Process - Fully Washed  

Cup Profile

full body intense chocolate & vanilla some caramel notes - delicious stone fruitiness & some brown sugar sweetness

medium acidity - pleasant long sweet aftertaste - very delicious versatile cup - drink as filter-pourover - long black - espresso - also delicious as cold brew 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Konga Wote

Varietal Heirloom 
Region Yirgacheffe, Oromia
Producer Collection of farms 
Process Fully Washed Altitude 1800-2200

Cup Profile

Well-balanced sweet with blueberry, marmalade & floral tones - this beautifully

balanced coffee can be roasted in many different ways and makes a beautifully intense espresso or long black & cuts through milk beautifully also excellent as a cold brew or 

filter coffee 

Myanmar Ywangan - Specialty Coffee

Region Ywangan  (Shan State)

Producer -  Grown by small Holders in Ywangan processed by Sithar Coffee Co

Process - fully Washed Varietal - Caturra

Altitude - 1500 Masl  Batch MZD/FW

Cup Profile

heavy body full of dark chocolate some dark /dry fruit notes some walnut notes distinct sweetness throughout  the cup a long satisfying aftertaste - delicious as a standalone espresso or as part of a high quality blend  - would work well as a single origin filter filter coffee given the sweetness and the full body - well worth a look