Ultimate Roasters Pack - High Grown Specialty Coffee Kit

Ultimate Roasters Pack - High Grown Specialty Coffee Kit

4 Delicious Coffees to Roast or Blend and Enjoy!

San Antonio Hue Hue  

Guatemala Specialty coffee
Region Huehuetenango
Process Washed
Alt 1350 masl
Varietal Typica Bourbon Caturra

Cup Profile
brilliantly sweet syrupy body - delicious stone fruit sweetness & acidity chocolate berry notes coat the mouth long sweet after taste delicious in milk or black or use as part of a high quality blend 

Colombia Specialty Coffee - Huila Algeciras

Varietal - Caturra - Castillo

Producer - Collection of small farms (co-op) Algeciras Huila

Region Huila  Altitude 1600-2000

Process - Fully Washed  

Cup Profile

full body intense chocolate & vanilla some caramel notes - delicious stone fruitiness & some brown sugar sweetness

medium acidity - pleasant long sweet aftertaste - very delicious versatile cup - drink as filter-pourover - long black - espresso - also delicious as cold brew 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Konga Wote

Varietal Heirloom 
Region Yirgacheffe, Oromia
Producer Collection of farms 
Process Fully Washed Altitude 1800-2200

Cup Profile

Well-balanced sweet with blueberry, marmalade & floral tones - this beautifully

balanced coffee can be roasted in many different ways and makes a beautifully intense espresso or long black & cuts through milk beautifully also excellent as a cold brew or 

filter coffee 

Myanmar Ywangan - Specialty Coffee

Region Ywangan  (Shan State)

Producer -  Grown by small Holders in Ywangan processed by Sithar Coffee Co

Process - fully Washed Varietal - Caturra

Altitude - 1500 Masl  Batch MZD/FW

Cup Profile

heavy body full of dark chocolate some dark /dry fruit notes some walnut notes distinct sweetness throughout  the cup a long satisfying aftertaste - delicious as a standalone espresso or as part of a high quality blend  - would work well as a single origin filter filter coffee given the sweetness and the full body - well worth a look