Pedro Gabarra - Brazil Specialty Coffee - Rfa Utz Certified

Pedro Gabarra - Brazil Specialty Coffee - Rfa Utz Certified

Pedro Gabarra - Yellow Topaz - Brazil Specialty Coffee

Genuine Rainforest Coffee

 Certifications UTZ - RFA - BSCA

*******Sustainable Coffee *******

new season stock 

Varietal: Yellow Topaz  dried on Natural African Beds

Grown @ 1,250m above sea level


Region  Campos das Vertentes, Minas Gerais

Coffee Profile:a full bodied coffee clean and sweet with pronounced bold notes of dark chocolate with a creamy caramel finish.... Just a beautiful full bodied Brazilian coffee great as a strong sweet single origin espresso or use it to make your own blend amazing or roast lighter medium for lovely pour-over or filter coffee


This rainforest coffee is produced in Campo das Vertentes region, state of Minas Gerais in Brazil at Pinhal Farm, where it is dried in natural process - meaning the cherry is dried with the pulp on it. the coffee however, is not dried on patios, but in static drying machine. This method reduces the risks of the coffee getting wet and mouldy, from eventual rain, but it will also facilitate the process to get into a perfect dried bean which will enhance the true flavour of the terroir