Indonesia Sulawesi Bukit Marante - Kalossi Coffee

Indonesia Sulawesi Bukit Marante - Kalossi Coffee

Indonesian Bukit Marante (Genuine Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja)

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Region: Toraja Sulawesi
Grade 1 - Traditional Wet Hulling Process
Screen Size 15 / 18

Cupping Notes:

this Toraja is a low-acid, deep, intense and complex Sulawesi with a rich full syrupy body of chocolate earthy spiciness  that can stand alone as a single origin. This bean also possesses  earthy notes of a tropical forest, combined with a dark sugar and spicy finish - a big coffee 


this a classic sulawesi coffee is used by the best roasters to add syrupy texture body & punch to their blends or can also enjoyed 

as a single origin where it can be roasted at any profile to sample the great flexibility of the region makes an especially delicious 

espresso or long macc when roasted just into 2nd crack and rested for several days