Fazenda Santo Antonio - Brazil Specialty Coffee

Fazenda Santo Antonio - Brazil Specialty Coffee


Region: Campos das Vertentes - Minas Gerais
City: Santo Antonio do Amparo
Owner: Jose Newton R Teixeira
Elevation: 1,140 m.
Varietal: Yellow Catucai
Process: Natural

Certifications - RFA (genuine rainforest coffee) UTZ certified 


this is is your chance to try an amazing coffee that is used by

some of the biggest & best specialty coffee roasters in Melbourne

Flavour Profile
Full Body High Sweetness
Low to Medium Acidity 
Aroma- Milk Chocolate
After Taste - Smooth

Cupping Notes

Milk chocolate base, balanced acidity displaying tropical fruits like passion fruit and
papaya. Clean and creamy heavy & velvety smooth on the palate pleasant long lasting aftertaste.