Fazenda Santa Izabel - Passa Natural - Specialty Coffee Brazil

Fazenda Santa Izabel - Passa Natural - Specialty Coffee Brazil

Brazil Fazenda Santa Izabel - Passa Natural Process


Brazil South Minas Region

Varietal: Mundo Novo & Catuai

Producer Nobletree Farms

Process Natural
Altitude 1180 masl 
Cup Profile - 
milk chocolate balanced acidity of berry, strawberries, fruits, lingering panella sweetness a little boozy finish

Farm Information: 

Named after the rural neighbourhood where the farm 
is located, Bairro Santa Izabel. Nobletree Farms group acquired the Monte
Verde farm in 2014, from previous owner Jose Roberto Canato. Sustainably 
expanding its specialty coffee area through the hard work of its employees,
who are responsible for the success of the endeavour. The mill is located
at the farm and produces Natural, Pulped Natural, Honey and Passa, also
experimenting in Fermentation Experiments - aerobics and anaerobics. Total
size: 315 acres. 127 coffee and 135 bio reserve. Nowadays, 5 families live on 
the farm, and around another 30 people are provided transport from the city 
every day to work at the farm. All women from the families that live on the
farm, also work (pre-harvesting, harvesting and post-harvesting).