Vista Alegre Micro-lot - Brazil Specialty coffee

Vista Alegre Micro-lot - Brazil Specialty coffee

Vista Alegre Farm - Special Micro-lot

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State: Bahia


Altitude: 1275m

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: Natural hand picked and sorted 


Farmer Profile

Renato Rodrigues is highly regarded amongst Brazil’s coffee growers. Renato achieved 5th place in Brazil’s 2020 Cup of Excellence competition, which has the purpose of promoting traceability, direct trade and rewarding quality coffee in Brazil. This was not Renato’s first award however, also taking out 5th place in the competition in 2014; his first year as a grower after taking over from his father on their 2.5-hectare coffee farm Vista Alegre. Renato’s wife and children also assist with harvesting, leading to a possible third generation of quality coffee production on Vista Alegre farm.

Cup Profile

full body deep notes of cocoa tropical fruit blackcurrant juicy green apple acidity - delicious long  sweet finish 



Piatã, a town located between two mountain ranges, is close to Chapada Diamantina
National Park, the highest point in Bahia, with altitudes from 1200m to 1400m above
sea level. The high altitudes and temperatures from 10°C to 26°C make Piatã a
unique and privileged coffee-growing region in Brazil.
Renato Rodrigues and his family still produce an extremely artisan and pure coffee.
100% organic, utilising traditional processing methods.