TANZANIA HEIGHTS ESTATE - Tanzania Specialty Coffee

TANZANIA HEIGHTS ESTATE - Tanzania Specialty Coffee


******* Low Stock*******
Region Kilimanjaro
Producer Upendramin Family
Process Fully Washed​

Varietal: Bourbon & Arusha 

Altitude 1800 MASL 

Cupping Notes

Well structured stonefruit sweetness notes of red grape and blackcurrant with cocoa & honeyed finish

the taste of Kilamanjaro



Coffee Farm Information

Tanzania Heights Coffee Estate is a family owned estate near
near the town of Karatu  With approximately 125 acres, this farm is able 
to produce almost 50 tonnes of green coffee annually,  all of which are
handpicked and processed at their own wet mill. Coffee was first
introduced to Tanzania from Ethiopia with small holders like this
representing the majority of national production. In recent times, the
Tanzanian Coffee Research Institute have been replanting more resistant
varietals, helping to improve the countries overall coffee quality.