SULAWESI TORAJA - Green Bean Coffee *******currently unavailable*******

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Elevation: 1400 – 1900 masl
Processing: WASHED​
Varietal: S795, Jember, Typica 
Region: Mamasa & Tana Toraja
Producers: Various small growers


we are pleased to bring this legendary coffee to you for the very first time 

Coffee Notes: very full bodied, low acidity, earthy, dark chocolate, spicy & clean


Brief Sulawesi Coffee History 

Sulawesi Toraja Coffee facts:

Coffee was first introduced in Sulawesi in 1750 by the Dutch who were trying to break the Arab monopoly on coffee in the late 1600's, introduced coffee to Indonesia. It was planted on the island of Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes) in 1750. Sulawesi is one the larger Indonesian islands in the Malay archipelago. Coffees are grown in the central highlands in the mountainous area of Tana Toraja, and collected in and distributed from the town of Kalosi.  

Majority farmers only hold 1 – 2 ha of land that produce coffees with most of the coffees processed in this region are wet hulled while a small amount is processed fully washed.

Most farmers have traditional hand depulper to pulp cherries which then soaked in bucket overnight with mucilage on. Parchment is then washed the following morning with clean water. Parchment is then dried until approximately 50% and then sold to collectors at local market measured in  by volume. As farmers/collectors don’t have moisture meter they generally measure the moisture but making sure parchments don’t stick on their palm when released. 

the coffee collector then delivers coffee to our supplier's mills in Makassar which then dry the parchment to approximately 30% then hull and dry them final stage. Each of the lot is cupped to ensure consistency of the coffees before getting bagged for export.