Rodrigo Antonio Villegas - Colombia Specialty Coffee

Rodrigo Antonio Villegas - Colombia Specialty Coffee

Rodrigo Antonio Villegas - Colombia

*******New Product********New Region*******

Region: Risaralda , Colombia

Altitude 1550 Masl

Process: Washed Grade1 Excelso

Varietal Caturra Castillo

this is our first time presenting coffee from this unique coffee producing region

and sits between Quindido to the south and Caldas to the north- Risaralda also carries an incredible diversity of flavor profiles with coffees grown to the northern part of the area carrying a touch of northern flavor profile and the same advantage to the southern edge, with an added advantage that a typical Risaralda coffee carry a sweet and  balanced flavour profile of their own.

Risaralda is particularly unique in that both Pacific and Caribbean breezes produce distinct  microclimates not readily found in other Colombian coffee regions now you have the opportunity of sampling the best of these profiles from all these regions in one delicious coffee ......


Cup Profile

full cocoa body some lychee/tropical notes caramel crisp balanced acidity a long sweet finish a delicious and versatile coffee  great in an aeropress - filter - espresso -  long black 

roast it your way...