Honduras Opalaca Organic Coffee - High Grown Organic Coffee

Honduras Opalaca Organic Coffee - High Grown Organic Coffee

Honduras Opalaca - High Grown Organic Coffee
Varietals: Catuai, Pacas
Region: Opalaca, West Honduras

Processing: Washed and sun dried - SHB (strictly hard Bean)
Altitude: 1,525-1,675 metres above sea level
Farm/Washing station: Cadexsa

Organic Certification: Biolatina

Cupping Notes  

chocolate - some red apple acidity currant grape notes -  delicious sweet toffee finish

also works well roasted a little darker

Opalaca coffee region

Just like many other coffee origins in Central America, Honduras has trying to build a stronger identity for its coffee regions. The six main distinguishing regions are Copan, Opalaca, Montecillos, Comayagua, El Paraiso and Agalta. Each region has its typical flavour characteristics and predominant farming traditions.

This coffee from Opalaca is produced by a specific group of farmers who are part of the Cadexsa ‘West’ supply chain. The producers were selected based on the consistently high quality of their deliveries. Cadexsa supports them with training in farm management and assistance with certification. This allows them to sell their coffee with added value above the commercial pricing level – a vital difference in the current coffee market. 

the coffee is processed by each individual producer at their own mill, under the quality standards agreed upon by Cadexsa. This way the producers have support throughout the season to maintain or improve the quality of the coffee, as well ensuring they have a secure purchaser.