Guatemala EL Morito - Guatemala Specialty Coffee

Guatemala EL Morito - Guatemala Specialty Coffee

Rainforest Coffee - RFA Certified

Region Jalapa
Producer Roberto Monterroso
Process  Fully washed
Altitude 1300-2000masl

Cup Profile
cocoa stewed fruit & walnuts  apple acidity 

About this Producer

El Morito farm is a 630 Ha property. 180 of these are
cultivated with coffee. The owner, Roberto Monterroso Pineda purchased 
the property in 1994, and has steadily increased the area of land with
coffee cultivars. He grows a number of varietals, including Pacamara and
Gesha for micro-lots. The bulk of the coffee is processed in a fully washed
method, but Monterroso also prepares honeys and natural micro-lots,
particularly of geshas and Pacamara varietals. The farm placed second in
Guatemala Cup of Excellence in 2013 and 2016, and is RFA certified.