Colombia Finca Pequena - Colombia Specialty Coffee

Colombia Finca Pequena - Colombia Specialty Coffee


Colombia Finca Pequena - Specialty Coffee

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Region : Huila COLOMBIA 

Varietal Castillo & Caturra
Producer - Collection of Small Farms
Process Fully washed

Altitude 1400-1700masl

Cup Profile
Heavy silky body Complex flavours of cocoa chocolate dark plum and  caramel -  has syrupy texture - some medium citrus acidity and long and pleasing aftertaste - add some sparkle to your blend or drink as a standalone espresso - also makes a beautifully full bodied and complex long black - delicious ! 

Regional Info

The Huila region is dominated (more then 80%) with 
small farms averaging between 1-3 hectares. Due to these small sizes, 
farms very rarely require external labour. Most farms have their own
micro-mills to pulp, ferment and wash their coffees and have also build for
themselves a dryer on their roof to allow the coffees to naturally sundry.
The waste from the coffee pulp is also not wasted either utilised as a natural
fertilizer for the coffee trees. and other plants on the farm